Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jim Anthony LaRoca or Larocca in New York on collarme.com will only waste your time

This is the person with at least seven profiles ranging from at least age 40 to 50 who wants to be "exposed" for his small penis and will waste as much time as a woman will allow him to waste.  Several Dommes have written to complain about him, and his "M.O." involves his demanding that a Domme "promise" to make him lick dirt off shoes and to be very strict etc etc.
He promises shopping trips, money, gifts, etc and never follows up, always disappearing and creating new profiles.
My mistress agrees with the complaining Dommes that this person should have his time and energy wasted so anyone who wants to call him his number is or was 516-495-4724 and his email or paypal email address is or was jimanthony37@yahoo.com.
He claims he wants to be "exposed" so if you know more about him, expose him.

Lovelickingshoes, realmicropenis1, spankingweekly, tinypenis4findom, FiftyRules4Me are all the same person who should be avoided on collarme.com

This is the fourth or fifth message for the blog about the same person.
His name is Jim or James Larocca or Laroca and several Dommes have called him the biggest time waster on collarme.com.
He wastes your time trying to get you to feed into his fantasy, and NEVER meets so he can get a "fantasy high" as he calls it.  One Domme has asked if I will publish his phone number and email address because he wasted so much of her time.  My Mistress has said she will not prevent me from publishing his information so I am going to check with one of the Dommes who complained about him in the past and then I may do an inclusive post.

slave1222 and richeuroslave waste your time on collarme.com and should be avoided

I've been away for a while and am catching up:

This was in my inbox:   I found your blog via google and I have  two names for you to add.
slave1222 has too much time. Even gives you his phone number.
Seems very polite, etc. BUT ... you know the rest.

And the second one is richeuroslave. Same story....